A large-scale banking system designed on a sophisticated business architecture enabling multiple deployment and integration options.

Speed + Efficiency

In excess of 15,000 tx./sec. at a fraction of the cost of your legacy mainframe environment.

Future Ready

Continuous innovation to meet today's industry challenges while embracing your vision for tomorrow.

Build on Your Terms

BIAN compliant with a commitment to open source; support for all platforms and frameworks lets you decide how, when and where you want to deploy.

Hybrid by Design

On-premise; in the cloud - we'll meet you where you are. Integrate and manage your environments with services designed for hybrid cloud. 

Trust Your Cloud

Secure from the ground up, backed by a team of industry experts. Proactive compliance trusted by large enterprises, governments, and startups alike.

Upgrade Your CoreBanking Experience to The Etude Level


Our application uses containerization,  microservices and distributed applications. Each container operates independently of others making everything easier, saves time, money,  increasing speed to market and ROI.


Our infrastructure is treated as services logically pooled so that administrators don't have to physically configure hardware to support a specific software application. Saving more time and money when launching, fixing or upgrading.


Independently deployable 

microservices using BIAN architecture modeling delivering highly agile and scalable, componentized applications where APIs are managed as products.


Cloud-based systems that automates our workflows, delivers new services faster, boosts efficiency along with ability to scale and deliver significant cost savings. which get our clients to market faster.

Faster, easier, cheaper.

A next-generation payment and settlement system using digital currency to settle and clear. It saves money, increases capability, scalability and value.

Exchange & Settlement Layer

Digital Currency Glacier

Cloud-Based Deposit Core